Saturday July 9th, 2011 14:16 Renault unveil the concept Frendzy


Renault has unveiled its latest environmentally friendly concept – an electric car-based van called the Frendzy. Designed by Laurens van den Acker, the Frendzy is the fourth in a series of six designs that are based on the different stages of the human life cycle. According to Renault, the Frendzy represents your professional working life.

The French car manufacturers will debut the new green car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Renault are pitching the vehicle as the solution for those drivers who need to use a vehicle for business purposes during the week and for family transportation at the weekend.

With its full width grille and oversized badge, the Frendzy is unmistakably part of the Renault family. The passenger side of the vehicle has a fully sliding door, so work materials can be stored or removed easily. This sliding door incorporates a 37-inch screen that is capable of displaying messages – early pictures of the Frendzy show it displaying the slogan ‘Happy Culture’ – or, for the salesperson in you, advertising. This screen is controlled by a BlackBerry PlayBook. In contrast, the driver’s side of the vehicle is more focused on the needs of a family. Access to the cabin is aided by a rear-opening door.

The car’s interior has a large cargo area which includes rather low-tech magnetic fixings and a fabric roof. This roof adapts to the shape of large, bulky items and objects. A nicely concealed compartment holds a fold-out rear bench seat for when you are wanting to take the family on a trip.

The Frendzy is powered by the same all-electric drivetrain that was used in the Kangoo Z.E. This means that it should have horsepower of 59bhp, coupled with a range in the region of 100 miles. As was mentioned earlier, those looking for a closer inspection of the Renault Frendzy will have to wait until September, when the vehicle debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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