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Why Choose a Budget Car when you could be Cruising in a Luxury Motor?

When upgrading our car or even buying our first ever set of wheels, many people choose a brand new budget hatchback.
These small cars are convenient, cost-effective and reliable – but why blend quietly into the rush hour queues when for the same money you could be behind the wheel of a classic piece of luxury?

While owning a luxury car might not be for everyone; the rewards that come with doing so are well worth the extra little care and attention they require. It’s amazing to note that for the price of an entry level brand new car you could get a fully loaded BMW or Audi that although it is a few years old will boast the kind of specification the new car will never have.

You’ll stand out from the crowds

Few of us wish to blend in; we want to be noticed (for good things!). Yet you’ll never stand out in a conventional hatchback; you need something a little different for that.

You’ll be the envy of your street

Many luxury cars are thought of as nothing short of a work of art. Park this beauty on your front drive and watch your neighbours fawn over it in admiration and envy. Watch as they try and work out how you afforded that Mercedes or Jaguar.

You might meet new friends

Owning a classic or luxury car instantly makes you a member of a very exclusive club. As well as the opportunity to join internet forums and chat with like-minded enthusiasts, you might find yourself invited to regular events around the country, either to display your own car or simply to chat over the exquisite lines of a vintage Aston Martin.

It shouldn’t decrease in value

When we buy brand new cars, in most cases, we’re being ripped off. We are paying a premium for ‘new’ and the minute we sign on the dotted line and hit the road, its value will begin to drop.

A used luxury car on the other hand can boast a relatively stable value. Initial depreciation costs can be frightening but this levels off over time. So long as they are cared for properly they should sustain or increase in value.

You can hide the cars cost

If you don’t want people to ascertain how much you paid for your car, hide its age. The difference in value can vary by thousands in a few short years so if you want people to perceive your car as more valuable than it is; change the registration plates.

Dateless registration plates can ensure that very few people will be able to tell the year your car was built.
What’s more, dateless registration plates are usually quite valuable. They may cost a good few hundred pounds initially, but they should retain their value or if you’re lucky, gain more value.

It’s eco-friendly

Although older cars might not be quite so eco-friendly on the petrol front, the fact that you are recycling an old machine should more than make up for this.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of The Plate Market who offer registration plates and number plates for sale.

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