Wednesday November 23rd, 2011 17:32 The World’s Top Cars for Toughness and Reliability

When most people buy a new car, they’re looking for something that looks cool, is in their price range, and will suit their needs – you won’t see a family buying a two-seater, for example. However, there’s one selling point that’s becoming increasingly important these days, and that is reliability.

With winters getting harsher, and incomes getting smaller, tough, reliable cars are becoming preferable to sportier models. How does your car stack up compared to the toughest cars ever built? The following cars have all scored highly on reliability tests, and have had a minimum of warranty issues over the last ten years:


The Toyota RAV4 is a four wheel drive that’s fun to drive. If you’re looking for something sporty but hard-wearing then this is a great choice. It’s expensive to find one second hand, but worth the money.
If you can’t find the RAV4, then look for other Toyotas – several of their cars scored highly.


The Honda CR-V is a flexible, easy to drive, 4×4 that doesn’t eat up the entire road. It’s easier to find a low cost used Honda CR-V than its Toyota counterpart, and it’s a perfect suburban car. Honda is another brand that generally scored well.

Land Rover

The Land Rover Defender is in a class of its own. It’s a tough, iconic vehicle that most definitely means business. Land Rover service fees will add to the total cost of ownership, but if you want something that you could take on safari, then this is definitely the vehicle for you. The 400 and the 75 models also made it on the reliability list.


The Volvo XC90 has definitely proved itself as a serious, heavyweight vehicle. It looks great inside and out, is smooth and powerful, and performs well on all kinds of services. As an added bonus, it’s not an expensive car to pick up second hand, and Volvo service costsare good value considering the kind of performance you’re getting for your money. The S/V40 also scored well.


This may come as surprise, but the Nissan Micra does well on the reliability stakes. You couldn’t take it up mountains and across bumpy fields, but for day to day driving it’s a tough, roomy, and reliable car that’s easy to drive and cheap to own.

Nissan Micra

All of the vehicles listed above are relatively new ones, simply because they’re the ones that statistics are available for. That’s not to say that older vehicles are any more or less reliable. If you’re looking for a cheap, hardwearing car that will serve you and your family well for many journeys to come, then don’t dismiss an older model just because of its age.

There are many old models that have good reputations, and that are perfect for someone with a little know-how when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. However, if you’re the type that just wants to buy and drive, a newer vehicle that is still under warranty is a much better choice.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Main Dealer Discount who offer access to discounted servicing for most makes and models of vehicle.

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Wednesday June 15th, 2011 19:39 Mazda Reveals the CX-5 SUV


Just days after Mercedes announced it would be entering the SUV market with its M-Class, Mazda has revealed plans for its own new SUV, the CX-5. The Japanese car manufacturer hope that the CX-5 4X4 will be able to provide stiff competition in the compact SUV market for the Land Rover Freelander.

Although there are no official images of the CX-5 SUV as of yet, it is based on the Minagi concept car pictured above. It will be the first car to be produced under Mazda’s new SKYACTIV technologies, and will feature a new array of more efficient engines and transmissions.

With the use of SKYACTIV technologies, Mazda expect the new car to be a class leader for economy, emissions and performance. The CX-5′s 2.2-litre diesel engine will boast 173bhp and will produce less than 120g/km of C02. It is also 20% more economical than the current 2.2 diesel, and will be mated to a new six-speed manual transmission.

The CX-5 will be underpinned by a new lightweight modular chassis and suspension set-up. This set-up will also be used by Mazda as a base for a range of new models, ranging from a Mazda 3 to the CX-7. This flexibility is attained because of the new platform’s modularity.

The CX-5′s engine already meets Euro 6 emissions standards, and is also cheaper to build than today’s Euro 5 diesels, so it will be interesting to see whether this impacts on its price tag. Expected to be available in the UK from spring 2012, Mazda will be hoping that the CX-5 makes a big impression in the SUV market.

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