Thursday November 17th, 2011 11:42 How to jump you car and ‘get some air’!

Here’s some tips on how to jump your car and get all four wheels off the ground. You’ll be gliding through the air in no time, if you manage to find the right jump for it!

Jumping red mini

1. Find the perfect road

First off don’t try this on the road. You’ll have to find a private road or track to try this on.

Milbrook Proving Ground is famous for having a large hill in its track which if hit right is perfect. If you’ve seen Casino Royale, then the bit where Bond’s Aston Martin rolls was filmed there. Chalmondy Pageant of Power’s hill run also has a nice bump (pictured above).

You’ll want a long stretch of long and wide road after the bump, so that if you lose control you’ll have plenty of room to come to a safe stop.

Green jumping car

2. Choose the right car

Go for the wrong car and you could cause some serious damage. Cars with a really low front splitter, like a Ferrari 458 or even a new Audi A1, could have their whole front bumpers ripped off if the angle of landing is too steep.

Ideally you want a car with suitable suspension, such as a rally car. That way the shock of landing will be absorbed fully.

3. Get your speed right

Hitting the bump at the right speed is imperative for doing a clean jump. Too slow and you won’t get it off the ground, too fast and you’ll go far too high and risk crashing.

White Bentley jumping

4. Don’t expect huge ‘air’

Without a properly built ramp or jump then it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to get more than a few inches off the ground. Don’t think it’ll be just like it is in the movies, it’s probably best for your car that it’s no higher anyway!

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