Monday July 18th, 2011 15:26 The Eco-friendly Driving Game

With the Honda Civic hybrid, you can play a nice, eco-friendly game that whiles away the hours on long drives – simultaneously helping to save the planet!

The “game” is all about maximising miles per gallon. Because the Honda Civic hybrid uses both a traditional internal-combustion engine that runs on petrol – and an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery, the gar is a good choice for today’s green and thrifty motorists.

The way the car works is that the electric motor takes some of the strain when the car is accelerating or climbing hills, thereby saving petrol. The extra load, though, drains the battery, so the car cleverly recharges the battery when the car goes downhill or when it is decelerating.

The Civic also includes dashboard dials featuring real-time display of what’s happening each second of your drive. Obviously, accelerating causes the miles per gallon to decrease but at a steady 60 miles per hour on a flat road, the car shows it is achieving up to 65.7 miles per gallon as the battery helps out.

On very long ascents, drivers are able to see the power being slowly drained from the battery as the mpg figures hold up well (when compared to conventional petrol-engine cars) from the additional electric propulsion.

On the downward slope, the battery is then recharged at no “cost” to the driver – ready to help out again on the next hill.

Hybrid cars are the logical next step for traditional motorists taking their first tentative steps into the world of eco-friendly motoring. The transition isn’t a painful one by any means. Meanwhile, the “game” of maximising miles per gallon saves money, saves the planet, and makes those long journeys that bit less tedious.

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