Saturday August 27th, 2011 12:03 5 Features of Future Cars

When many people thought about what future cars would look like fifteen years ago, their ideas often resembled something from a science fiction novel. Many of these features are slowly becoming a reality. Future cars will probably have a number of interesting features in the next few years:
1. Collision detection. Cars will soon be equipped with radar that will be able to alert the driver when they are about to collide with something. This can be important when you are trying to park or driving at night.
2. Rear view cameras. You will be able to see what is going on behind or around you. Blind spots are among drivers’ biggest safety concerns. These cameras can also be invaluable when you are backing up as well.
3. Communication with other vehicles. How many times do you wish you could tell another driver they are too close to you? That they shouldn’t cut you off? In the future, drivers will be able to communicate their concerns with each other.
4. Night vision. Drivers face 40% more fatalities at night than during the day, despite the fact they spend much more time driving in the daytime. Not too long from now, drivers will have night vision at their disposal. This should drastically cut down on the number of accidents they experience in the evening.
5. Fuel sipper technology. Future vehicles will be especially fuel efficient. They will be adjust the energy needed while idling, driving at specified speeds and charge the battery while braking.
Future cars are going to provide many features that will make driving a lot easier. A few years from now you should expect your vehicles to be safer and much more efficient.

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