Friday November 26th, 2010 17:05 Aston Marton’s New Production

The new first production of the luxury Aston Martin car is now on display at Herrods in London, England until December 11th, 2010. Presently the newest model is only available to previous Aston Martin customers. It carries a £30,000 price tag.

The new Cygnet supermini model is made from the Toyota iQ body sent from Japan. The body is then hand painted, trimmed and assembled all by hand. The interior has leather. The Cygnet super mini features side strakes, alloy wheels, C-shaped lights in the rear and an a sporty aluminum grille. It is capable of going from 0-60 in 14.7 seconds, 1.33 liter petrol 4 cylinder engine. The engine is a four pot developing 97bhp and 92lb foot. The Co2 stays around 113g/km and gets about 59mpg (94.95kph). Sadly this is the slowest car Aston Marton has produced since it only reaches 106mph, (170.59kph).

Not only is the Cygnet supermini made to have lower CO2 emissions and more eco-friendly but additionally it can be driven in tight streets and around corners other cars cannot go, alas it is not the James Bond model so it can only travel on streets. It may be small but it is built with the details that our customers have come to love over the years. Choose from our paint colors, trim and finish to make your car the way you want it to look.

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