Tuesday March 8th, 2011 13:48 New Rocketman Mini is “mini”

BMW Mini RocketmanAt the Geneva Auto show, car manufacturer BMW made its debut with the new Rocketman mini concept car. The new BMW mini returns to its roots by embracing a smaller size and awesome style. The car returns to the three door hatchback of the original model while adding a new twist of carbon-fiber doors that are double hinged. The double hinge allows doors to pivot out and away from the body, allowing easy access to all internal areas of the car. Overall length of the car comes in at less than 135 inches truly making the Rocketman a true mini.

Despite the small size of this car, the BMW mini manages to have room for up to four adults in the innovative three plus one seating. By adjusting seats in the front row, adequate room for three adults plus one for “short trips” can be made. Flexibility plays a key row in design of this concept car. In addition to flexible seating, rear storage can be altered depending on needs. The tailgate is two pieces, including a pull out drawer that can be pulled away from the body depending on storage needs.
The roof surface contains optic fibres that can illuminate to recreate the Union Jack flag or when turned off provide stark contrast to the grey body with the white finish. The interior of the car centres around classic features like the over sized centre dial but brings in new features like a removable console. The removable console can be brought inside and programmed before journeys. The Rocketman concept shows mini does not have to sacrifice fun.


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