Thursday December 6th, 2012 11:31 How great it is to lease a new car

Buying a new car can be one of the most exciting things, It’s equivalent to buying a house but with even more options. One of the more abundant options is car leasing. The Leden Group believes that Americans are becoming much more interested in car leasing due to it’s flexibility. Shoppers are becoming even more interested in Ford Focus Car leasing and Mercedes A Class Car leasing due to the different benefits that come along with leasing.

If you are thinking about buying a new car, consider weighing the options. Buying isn’t the only consideration, leasing can be just as fun. It’s important that you look into your personal needs before actually deciding to lease. The financial differences between buying and leasing are pretty wide, which means that the decision should be made based on what you are looking for.

When thinking about car leasing, you have to consider if you are more interested in ownership, or having a different car at least every two to three years. If you are more interested in staying out of debt, wanting to actually enhance your credit, then car leasing might not be the greatest decision. Ford Focus car leasing means that you will be upgrading yourself every few years, never staying with the same car.

The fun part about Mercedes A Class car leasing is that you are only paying a portion of the car’s price tag. Leasing a car is totally different from actually renting a car. You have a time frame in which you will be leasing you car, and during that lease option you will have the option to not do a down payment. Your sales tax will be included in your monthly payments and the money factor will be another responsibility that must be handled. Once you reach the end of your lease deal, you will have the option to buy the car at it’s depreciated value and or return the vehicle. Depending on if you are getting a Ford Focus or a Mercedes A Class, a lease end disposition fee will be charged.

When it comes to comparing lease payments and buying payments, they are both setup differently. When it comes to lease payments, leasers will be expected to pay two different parts. The finance charge and the depreciation charge make up the entire lease payment. The depreciation part will be the monies paid to the motor company for the value lost during the your ownership.The finance part is the interest that is added to the money the car company has invested in your car during your ownership.

There is an area in which many people tend to save more money when it comes to leasing. Even though the monthly payments come off to be a bit higher, in the end the only thing that is being paid for is what the consumer is actually using. Unlike buying, there is no loss of money due to deprecation or finance charges. Even though to some, leasing comes off as being a waste of money, it’s pretty much similar to buying a car. You may not own anything in the end but a buyer also ends up not owning the depreciated part at the end of their loan.

Since car leasing is a bit more complicated than actually buying a car, it’s important that a potential buyer have all of the knowledge needed to make the right decisions. When it comes to car leasing there are money factors,residuals and acquisition fees involved. These different aspects can leave room for error, which means doing your homework is extremely important.

It’s also important to understand that even though the process sounds much more simpler, potential leasers will need to have a higher credit score.And since many people tend to get confused when it comes to leasing, the Leden Group offers a leasing information so that car shoppers can get a better understanding of what they will be facing.

Car leasing is in a different realm when it comes to purchasing a car. Regardless to what type of car you wish to lease, it’s all about making sure all of your ducks are in order today so disappointments aren’t faced tomorrow.

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Thursday January 5th, 2012 09:14 Getting the Best New Car Prices the Easy Way

Buying a new car can sometimes be a stressful and painful process, financially and emotionally. It is because of this that many people seek alternate methods of funding a vehicle; whether it be via leasing or financing everybody wants to find the best new car prices.

Many people find that one of the easiest ways to go about this is to use online car buying sites. These allow you to search and compare a multitude of car prices, as well as request quotes from a number of dealerships. Being able to do this will definitely ensure that you find a great deal.

Whether you’re searching online for new car prices or just checking out your local dealerships there’s one thing that you need to be sure to do – research. Finding out as much information as you can about a vehicle and acquiring quotes for that car is one of the simplest ways of making sure that you get a good price.

By requesting and receiving several quotes you’ll be able to view the price range that is expected of that vehicle and root out any possible bargains, this also gives you some room for negotiation when it comes to contracts as you can present your lower priced quotes to a dealership and they might lower their price to stop you signing a deal with somebody else.

Another advantage of digging up information about the car you’re interested in is the fact that you’re sure to become more knowledgeable and more confident on the subject when negotiating. This gives you a higher chance of finding a great price also.

As you can see it’s important to know what you’re talking about and that’s definitely one of the easiest ways to ensure that you get the best prices possible!

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Thursday January 5th, 2012 09:13 Why Business Car Lease is So Popular

Over the past few years many changes have happened in the world of automobiles. Not just in the way they’re manufactured or the ever-changing trends and styles, but also in the way that individuals and companies fund a vehicle.

Not so long ago if a company wanted to provide their staff with a car they may have just purchased one outright, now however a lot more businesses are opting to invest in a Business Car Lease deal.

Statistics from the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) support this as it can be seen from their figures that private registrations have been in decline the past few years, whilst fleet and business registrations are steadily rising to become very popular options. But why?

Business Car Leasing has become such a popular option because of how simple and cost-effective it is. It is essentially a long term rental and because of the small monthly payments it makes for much easier budgeting to a company. Less hassle financially is always a good thing but there is much more.

One of the most advantageous aspects is the positive impression and professional business image that is presented when a company has a prestigious and modern fleet of vehicles. Image is a major factor in the business world and could easily make the difference between gaining a new client or losing a great opportunity.

Leased cars are also perfect for practicality; long commutes, motorway travel etc. Having an attractive and flexible car that can be used by staff for driving to meetings and the sort is immensely beneficial.

It should now be obvious to you why this is such a popular option and if you feel that your company could benefit from leasing then why not perform a little research of your own and request some quotes? Finding out as much information as you can will ensure that you find the best deal possible for a brilliant leasing deal

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Tuesday January 3rd, 2012 16:56 Finding the Best New Car Deals Online

Why is buying a new car so much more complicated than it used to be? Not long ago you could walk into a dealership and a few minutes later drive out in a brand new car. Due to the current financial climate however, people are more inclined to spend their money extremely carefully and don’t want to feel pressured into buying a vehicle on the spot.

Purchasing a new car online seems to be the norm now and there’s many reasons as to why. For one, it’s a simple and understandable process; there’s no major complications that will be encountered and you’re sure to experience no stress or hassle at all.

Another reason that people tend to buy online a lot more often nowadays is because of the choice of vehicles available. There’s an absolute plethora of cars at your fingertips and it’s possible to take as long as you want deciding which one will suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

This is probably one of the most important aspects to remember when you’re looking online for the best new car deals – because you’re in no rush and aren’t under any pressure from a seller, you can take time out and research the vehicle, this will allow you to make a final decision when you want and only when you’re satisfied with the car.

After reading this you’re hopefully more aware of how you can go about finding great deals, always ensure that you compare the available vehicles to ensure you find the best of the bunch. Request quotes if possible and most important of all, only buy if you’re completely happy with the car!

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Monday December 19th, 2011 15:10 Winter Driving: What you need to know

No matter how experienced a driver you are, taking your car out in extreme winter conditions can be a daunting experience to say the least. The main advice to take on board in such conditions is to avoid driving at all if you can help it. However, situations will inevitably arrive where you need to get behind the wheel — and if that’s the case then there are a number of things that are important to keep in mind while on the roads.

Consider keeping a pair of comfortable driving shows in your car during the winter months. Trudging through snow in thick boots and then attempting to drive using the same footwear is asking for trouble as not only is it harder to drive in such boots than sensible shoes, but the accumulated snow will cause them to slip on the pedals.

It’s an idea to get out to your car a good 10 or 15 minutes before you need to set off so that you can clear the windscreen and other windows of any ice. Don’t be tempted to clear yourself a small area to look through on the windscreen and assume that the rest will clear soon enough — clear the whole lot before you set off. If possible stick to major roads that will have been gritted in the night so as to give yourself the best chance of an incident-free trip.

When beginning your journey, pull away in second gear and avoid potential wheelspin by easing off the clutch a little more gently than you normally would. In icy conditions apply your brakes gently where possible to reduce the risk of skidding. If you do feel the vehicle begin to skid, resist the temptation to depress the brake pedal even further as this will only make matter worse. Instead, slowly release the break pedal and de-clutch if necessary until you regain control.

If you’re going to be driving in a hilly area, remember to reduce your speed before heading down a decline. Use a low gear to control your speed and avoid using the brakes unless necessary, leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and the one in front. Leaving lots of room is also advised when driving uphill, so as to avoid having to stop halfway up as you catch up with the car in front.

Always keep in mind that stopping distances are 10 times longer in ice and snow than in generally favourable driving conditions. That’s a massive difference, so don’t take any chances whatsoever and keep a safe distance from the traffic in front.

Even if you’re driving in a safe manner you can’t account for everybody else on the road, so remember that with the bad weather comes an increased likelihood of an accident. Be sure that your car insurance is up to date before you get behind the wheel.

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Thursday December 15th, 2011 13:34 Evaluating How Much Auto Insurance You Need

One of the easiest ways to save money on auto insurance is to drop coverage.  The less coverage you carry on your policy, the cheaper the premiums will be.  Before you start making changes to your insurance, however, you should take the time to assess how much coverage you need.  Having too much insurance can be a waste of money spent on premiums, but having too little insurance can leave you in financial trouble if you get into an accident.

There are several types of coverage on your policy, and you should learn what each does before deciding whether you need it:

·         Liability coverage:  Bodily injury liability and property damage liability are both required by the state.  The minimums differ from place to place, so you should check what the legal minimum is before you try to adjust your coverage.  Liability coverage pays for damage or injuries that you cause to someone when you are in an accident with them.  If you don’t carry enough coverage, you could be sued or sent to collections for damage in excess of your limits.

·         First party coverage:  Collision and comprehensive are first-party damage coverage.  Collision covers damage to your vehicle caused by an impact with another vehicle or other property.  Comprehensive coverage pays for damage caused by weather, vandalism, theft, or other non-accident related damage.  You pay a deductible for this coverage, meaning you are responsible for a portion of your damage before your insurance will pay.  The higher your deductible, the lower your coverage.

·         Personal Injury Protection/Medpay: Some states have different requirements for medical coverage than others.  Medical coverage helps to pay for your medical expenses in the event of a claim, including doctor’s visits and lost wages.  Your health insurance will also cover a portion of these costs, but health insurers often refuse to pay for accident-related care if any other coverage exists on another policy.  Review your state requirements and discuss your options with your medical insurance provider before deciding to remove this coverage.

·         Uninsured/Under-insured Coverage: Some states provide coverage for damage to your vehicle caused by a person with no insurance, even if you don’t have collision coverage.  Underinsured motorist coverage pays for the difference between the at-fault person’s liability limit and the actual cost of your damage.  Uninsured motorist coverage is not available in all states.

If you are making payments on your vehicle, you will need to carry full coverage.  If you own it outright, however, you can drop your policy to liability-only.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting coverage for your vehicle is the worth of the vehicle.  If your car is old, its value has probably depreciated significantly.  In the event of an accident, an old vehicle may be deemed a total loss whether or not the vehicle is still repairable or even drivable.  Look at the Blue Book value of your vehicle or another valuation source.  If the car is worth only a few thousand dollars, you will pay more in premiums than the worth of the vehicle every year that you carry full coverage.

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Wednesday December 14th, 2011 15:37 Why Leasing Kia Cars is Beneficial

Figures from The Society of Motoring and Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicate that since early 2001 private registrations have been in decline. More people are now turning towards leasing when they want to acquire a vehicle. Kia leasing is a great way to drive a brilliant Kia whilst only having to make small monthly payments.

It’s definitely going to give you an advantage simply leasing a Kia as opposed to buying one outright and not just because it’s easier to budget with monthly payments than a lump sum. There are many beneficial aspects to leasing and in this article you’ll be informed of them.

Stressful situations that are usually encountered when dealing with a vehicle that you’ve recently purchased are easily avoided when you decide to lease instead. Road tax and maintenance costs can be included in your leasing contract. This is extremely handy and eliminates any problems you’d have regarding servicing if you’d just bought a Kia outright!

Depreciation is no longer your concern either, once you’re finished with the Kia and your contract is over none of the responsibility will be yours. Fretting over how your Kia will fair in the current car market and worrying about re-sale value is a thing of the past. The leasing company you’ve dealt with simply take the car back and deal with everything for you.

As you can obviously see, leasing is a really wise decision (especially with a car like Kia). It’s much less stress, plus, what other deal lets you drive around in a brand new car every couple of years?

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Monday December 12th, 2011 15:14 Tips on Finding New Cars for Sale

In today’s current financial climate people are often searching for alternative methods to their car needs. When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle going directly to a dealership seems a very outdated procedure. With the power of the internet it’s possible to find great deals on new cars for sale online.

This is a brilliant method of dealing with your car needs without the stress and hassle of visiting a dealership, you won’t feel pressured into making any decisions and everything can be done your way. You’re certain to find a great deal on a car you’ll love.

Price is obviously a massive factor when you’re looking for a new car, in light of this many car websites have introduced an accessible and understandable comparison and search service. This allows you to search for cars in a number of different ways; whether you want to browse manufacturers and models, or maybe find a specific vehicle.

Every approach is covered, it’s even possible to input just a few features that you’d like in a vehicle and have a list of cars matching your criteria returned to you immediately. This is massively helpful if you’re wanting to make a comparison of cars.

Ensuring that you perform a thorough comparison of the vehicles that you’re researching is the best way to find that dream car you’re looking for. By paying attention to the details and not being afraid to request quotes you’re increasing your chances of success immensely. Make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting into before making any decisions and best of luck!

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Tuesday December 6th, 2011 08:54 Getting the Best New Car Deals Online

When it comes to buying a new car people are increasingly shunning what used to be the conventional options. Nowadays many find that it’s much easier and less stressful to deal with their car needs using the world wide web.

There are a multitude of benefits to handling your vehicle business online. As previously mentioned, the fact that there’s less stress and hassle via websites is a definite plus. There’s also a lot more opportunities and choices when you search online, as well as more time to research the available options before coming to a decision.

Researching is massively important in finding the best new car deals that are available online. The internet lets you browse and research vehicles in a number of different ways; manufacturers, models, financing options. It’s even possible to request quotes directly from your local dealerships.

Most of the services you can now find on the web are completely free and there are no obligations whatsoever. Feel free to perform as much research as you need to and make sure you’re comfortable before you make any decisions. You won’t be pushed into any purchases or contracts so take your time and find out as much as you can about the deals available.

If you do find yourself interested in perhaps acquiring a quote (or just want to make an enquiry) then you can simply fill in an easy to understand form online. You’ll be contacted within 24 hours with all of the details that you’ve requested, making dealing with cars online just that little bit easier.

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Friday December 2nd, 2011 15:34 The 5 Best Tracks to Drive in the UK

1. Brands Hatch Circuit, Fawkham, Longfield, Kent

Brands Hatch is one of the most charismatic circuits in the UK. In fact, Nigel Mansell scored his first Grand Prix victory there, also winning the final F1 race at Brands in 1986.

It’s a natural amphitheatre and boasts a 1.2 mile Indy configuration, offering fantastic views of all the action. Its Grand Prix circuit is still one of the biggest challenges in UK motor racing! Brands Hatch’s unique combination of dips, cambers, fearsome corners and hills means it is still one of the world’s favourite racing circuits.

Race notes:
A short lap which never gives you time to rest. A great circuit to drive!

  • Best overtaking opportunity: Clearway


2. Donington Park Circuit, Castle Donington, Derby

Those passionate about Formula One motorsport will best recall the European Grand Prix 1993, where Ayrton Senna’s first lap became one of the most famous in Grand Prix history, when he passed five cars to win the race. The torrential conditions set the scene for what many believe to be the finest display of skill in Formula One – ever!
Donnington is a circuit of two halves – a very technical series of sweeping bends, followed by a series of short straights, separated by slow corners.

Race notes:
Lovely smooth and flowing circuit. Craner Curves and the Old Hairpin are the best corners.

  • Best overtaking opportunity: Redgate


3. Rockingham Motor Speedway, Mitchell Road, Corby, Northamptonshire

Rockingham Motor Speedway is the UK’s first purpose-built banked oval circuit since Brooklands, officially opening in summer 2000. It’s also Europe’s fastest banked oval racing circuit, with the unbeaten lap record for the 1.5 mile oval set at 24.719 seconds by Tony Kanaan in his Ford/Lola Champ Car on 22nd September, 2001 – with an average speed of 215.397mph!

Rockingham offers multiple in-field circuit configurations, featuring hairpins, straights and chicanes with ample passing and run-off areas.

Race notes:
A unique track with some great overtaking places. The first lap is always exciting.

  • Best overtaking opportunity: Turn 1


4. Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire

Silverstone is the most famous race circuit in the UK at present, holding prestigious races like the Formula 1 Grand Prix and The World Super Bike Championship.

Built on an old military airport in 1948, Silverstone was a high-speed track with long straights and quick curves. Over the years the track layout has undergone several changes but has retained most of its character. There are 4 layouts of the circuit at Silverstone, including a new ArenaGP Circuit, National, International and Stowe Circuit. Offering a combination of fast corners, long straights and some slow sections, Silverstone is a good challenge for any driver.

Race notes:
4 track layout. One of the fastest MotoGP circuits on the calendar!

  • Best overtaking opportunity: Stowe


5. Thruxton Motorsport Centre, Thruxton, Andover, Hampshire

The circuit, like most race circuits in the UK, was originally an old airfield used during the war.
Its race circuit is one of the fastest in the country with legendary high speed corners and reputation where circuit drivers can really test their skills. It lays claim to being one of the longest in the UK at 2.4 miles per lap. It’s also believed to be the fastest race track in the UK.

Race notes:
Massively fast place, like no other!

  • Best overtaking opportunity: Club Chicane


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