Tuesday February 22nd, 2011 09:30 Have you seen the new Gumpert Tourer Sports Car?

Gumpert Appolo Speed

Have you seen the new Gumpert Tourer Sports Car? It is called the ‘Tornante’ which means “hairpin curves” and it is absolutely gorgeous… oh and fast! Reports say that they plan to stick with the Twin Turbo 4.2L Audi V8 used in later models which was able to put out a whopping 700bhp. (No complaints here by the way.)

The Gumpert car company, apparently wanting to shy away from the ‘we make uncomfortable sports cars’ image, has officially enlisted the help of the legendary Touring Superleggera group. In case you don’t already know, Touring Superleggera is the same Italian company that works with both Maserate and Bently, but of course, more recently they came up with ‘the Bently shooting brake concept car’ that stole the show in Paris! Besides that, this company has only been restoring and modifying exotic cars for the last 80 years… and they have been doing that VERY well.

I love any company that is going to make it possible for me to go from 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds… in elegance!

The ‘Tornante’ is all set to be revealed at this year’s Geneva motor show alongside the Gumpert Apollo. The 6-year old Gumpert company is looking to make some serious waves with this one.

No doubt that this Gumpert Tourer sports car will have car enthusiasts all over the world drooling themselves for years to come, as I am sure the this years ‘Tornante’ is an absolute classic in the making!

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