Monday July 11th, 2011 17:11 Live A Little, Enjoy Yourself On An Experience Day!

Everyone knows boys love their toys, but women are hot on their tracks – race tracks that is – when it comes to driving experience days. Man or woman, who could pass up on the opportunity to drive a classic car for the day, or whizz around the course at Silverstone in a Ferrari 360?

The list of choices for driving experiences is endless. Always popular, supercars are a staple of this type of industry; fancy getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini? How about an Aston Martin? A Porsche? Don’t worry if you can’t decide, try all three! If you prefer to get off the beaten track, try your hand at rally driving for a few hours or a full day, at courses all over the country. Specialist rally cars are custom made for the circuits and you can rely on the experience of the qualified instructors to make your day a memorable (and safe) one.

If you feel the need for more speed – and peril, you can try stunt driving at one of the many stunt schools, who are offering to teach you how to make hand break turns, J-turns, how to pop a wheelie, and probably improve your parking skills along the way. At some tracks, roving reporters bring a celebrity feel to the proceedings, and you can bet you’re in safe hands with qualified, experienced stunt drivers.

For those wanting to experience something a little bit more unusual, Segway Safaris are a great day out, you can rent a lightweight Buggy and test the terrain, or – if you want to get off land altogether – take to the waterways on hovercraft for an hour or two.

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Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 11:01 The new Audi TT RS has finally arrived

The new Audi TT RS DTM has the looks to kill with its five-cylinder TFSI engine, coupled with a aerodynamic racing body,and suspension giving it a head start at the finish line. This monster of a machine packs a punch taking on some of the Audi R8 LMS features, making the TT RS DTM one hot item. Intimidation, I think was the key factor when coming up with this concept racer. Audi set the model for all racing cars to follow in its foot steps when designing the TT RS DTM. Everything was thought of, to make this car out preform the rest in a bold, but luring way. You just want to sit behind the wheel, turn the key, and hear the 340bhp come to life.

For all the gear heads out there. This is one car you hope pass the test, against the SP 4T Class, in the last two rounds of the Nurburgring endurance championship, to see if you can get this souped up racer for your own to drive down the road. To watch the heads turn as you pull up to the stop light. Looking over at the person next to you, giving them a little half smile, as you step on the gas leaving them with a dumb founded look on their face. As you burn rubber leaving them with the smell to remember you by. As far as racing cars go this prototype does not look like the last you will see of this well built dream.

Car lovers every where will be keeping their eyes peeled, and wallets open to get one of the TT RS DTM’s right off the assembly line. The car manufacturers, designers, and the whole team out done themselves with this rebel with wheels, and its trademark style.

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