Tuesday June 12th, 2012 15:39 New models – new prices

The long running attempt by the car industry to keep its self-relevant continues (not that it really needs any help there; we will always love cars!). Since the beginning of this year, 2012, car companies have raised the bar in competitive terms, with many of them have announcing the release of their new models and their prices. On Thursday 24th May 2012, Mercedes-Benz confirmed its prices for the new SL- Class Roadster and following closely on this announcement, like an anxious bridesmaid (though some folks will take offence at that!), four days later, BMW announced the arrival of an updated version of the 7 Series luxury saloon.

But that is not all. Just this month, over six car companies have also announced the confirmed prices of their new models. Examples of these are the Skoda Citigo, now on sale and first priced at £7,630 on 1st June. Audi was not to be left out of the party, with the new Audi A3 range priced starting from £19,205 on Thursday, 7th June 2012.

These new car models have excessive advantages ranging from speed, technology, fuel intake, luxury and they are slowly taking over the car market from the original car companies that we are used to dominate these traits. Indeed, the market is welcoming them with more vigor than expected, with some of these traits that were once considered exceptions now becoming the norm.

It means that when you say your car model comes with ‘extras’, you really have to mean it, and then some!Of course, these little benefits come with a price and from an economic standpoint, cannot be referred to as mild. In fact, both in terms of the car prices as well as the consumption of fuel and maintenance, these cars are not for the faint of heart. We are hoping, however, that when you look for a car within this market, being faint of hear (or wallet) is not your biggest problem.

At www.crazy4cars.co.uk, we try hard not to give the ‘crazy’ in our web heading validity. Instead, we offer you an ‘anything goes’ kind of deal but with reliable brands that have earned their name in the automobile industry.

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