Sunday September 4th, 2011 11:19 Choosing the Right Winter Tires

For obvious reasons, winter is the most dangerous time to drive. In some areas, 10% of all car accidents are caused by icy roads. It is very important to drive with the right tires.

There are a few things to take into consideration when you look for the right tires:

1. Check your owner’s manual. You can’t put tires on your vehicle without knowing which ones are compatible. The manual will tell you what size and type of tires to use.

2. Consider metal studs. In some really cold climates, tires with metal studs may be necessary. In other areas, metal studs are illegal. Make sure you understand the laws and what you need before you purchase them. Alternatively, you can consider just putting chains over your regular tires. Just make sure they are attached properly and aren’t damaging the tread.

3. Use the same tires. The last thing you want to do is install different tires on different parts of the vehicle. Some people will put more durable tires on the rear of the vehicle, where they think they need the best traction. Installing different tires on your vehicle can cause any number of alignment issues. This can not only make driving more difficult, it can cause a stress imbalance which damages the vehicle.

Driving with the right tires is essential to staying safe in the winter. You also need to make sure you practice safe driving habits. Tires won’t guarantee your safety on icy roads, but they can drastically increase your chances of driving over them safely.

Auto dealers will help you if you have any questions or need advice. However, you will need to do your research first. Show that you’ve read the owner’s manual and understand what you are looking for. Afterwards, they can help you narrow the type of tires you need.

About the author: Kalen Smith writes about car accident claims and whiplash compensation. Kalen also writes about personal injuries , sports injuries, work related claims and asbestos related illnesses as well as medical negligence.

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