Wednesday August 31st, 2011 13:51 5 Reasons Your Next Car should be a Hybrid

The cost of motoring is increasing more and more, which is leading to people buying hybrid vehicles and more eco-friendly models to cut down on costs.
Here, we’ve come up with five reasons why a hybrid should definitely be on your car buying list this year

1) Not only are hybrid cars good for the environment, they’re also good for your finances because they require less fuel to be consumed, cutting down on the amount you pay out for petrol each month.

2) If you travel into the centre of London regularly, or even make use of the Low Emission Zone around the city, you’ll benefit in monetary terms from having a hybrid. Your vehicle will be exempt from the Congestion Charge and the Low Emission Zone levy because it produces low levels of CO2 – saving a considerable amount of cash over a year if you use these frequently.

3) As well as emitting less CO2, hybrids are designed to be far more efficient than their conventional counterparts, meaning you’ll get better mileage each time your travel – a huge bonus if you use your car for long journey.

4) Another cost advantage of a hybrid is that its car tax band is lower, because it produces fewer emissions, so you’ll make significant savings on road tax every year you have your vehicle.

And finally:

5) With green technology improving all the time, hybrids and electric vehicles are only going to get better. In the coming months and years, they’ll become more fuel efficient and are bound to cover bigger ranges, so they’ll be an investment that will pay back fairly quickly.

The UK government is trying to reduce the country’s emissions by 34 per cent within the next nine years and you can really play a key role in these efforts if you have a hybrid vehicle.

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