Tuesday August 30th, 2011 12:21 7 Ridiculous Features on Flashy Cars

Fancy cars often add lots of nonsensical features. Economical vehicles are just as safe and work just as well. There is no reason to pay more for useless features.

Some of the add-ons provided in these vehicles just don’t have a purpose. They include:
1. Smart transmission. The Smart transmission is a hybrid between an automatic and manual transmission. The driver would get the benefit of using an automatic transmission, while underneath the car decided to shift gears manually. The transmission never seemed to figure out when to shift gears properly and was stuck in the wrong gear for miles before shifting.

2. Personal car communicator. This feature was setup to announce when an intruder was sitting in the back seat. An interesting safety mechanism, but hardly effective. Most muggers or assailants would probably have no problem accosting the driver after the warning was sent to them. The system also tended to go off unnecessarily when a friend or family member was sitting in the back seat.

3. Self-parking cars. Some cars have actually been programmed to park themselves. Unfortunately, the driver inevitably has to take over and apply the brakes to avoid damaging the vehicle.

4. The chilled glove compartment. Why do people need to keep their glove compartment below 40 degrees Fahrenheit? Were they planning on storing their frozen groceries in there instead of the back of the vehicle? Even more senseless was the fact they overheated in the summer months, because they depended on the car’s heating/cooling system.

5. Emergency trunk release. This is supposed to make cars safer. Apparently no one ever stopped to wonder why. How often have children been trapped in a trunk? Do you really need an emergency trunk release to get them out? Sounds more like an excuse to tack a little more on to the price tag of the car. Sometimes the trunk release has been known to malfunction and go off while driving, causing more hazards than it prevents.

6. Power sliding doors. Power sliding doors are waste of energy. Many people have gotten their fingers or clothes unnecessarily caught in these stupid things. They were designed so drivers could open them up to 10 yards away. Why was this necessary?

7. Window wipers that sense the rain. Some window wipers have been programmed to turn on when it starts raining. Like most features, this was never really programmed properly. They have been known to randomly turn on at inappropriate times. This could be distracting or dangerous.


About the author: Kalen Smith writes about car accident claims and whiplash compensation. Kalen also writes about personal injuries , sports injuries, work related claims and asbestos related illnesses as well as medical negligence.

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