Wednesday July 13th, 2011 22:09 The Ideal Family Car

Deciding what constitutes the best family car in the modern age is something that causes a surprising amount of heated debate.

Of course, a few factors are beyond dispute. All parents would agree that safety is absolutely paramount.

Then there’s the matter of space. The amount of internal space and luggage space required will depend on the size of the family, the number of occasions you need to take wider family members such as grandparents on trips and the likelihood your children want to bring along their friends for the ride.

All are important considerations in deciding on the number of seats you’ll need and just how important luggage space sis for you.

Many families opt for the five-plus-two car versions – whereby the car is a standard five-seater with two occasional pop-up seats in the boot space for the relatively rare occasions when six or seven seats are required.
The Honda FR-V is a relative rarity in the modern age having, as it does, three seats in the front making it an ideal choice for a family of four which has the occasional need for two additional seats.

For bigger families still, the MPV is often the only realistic option. Modern safety and seating requirements mean that parents the world over have become expert mini-bus drivers, steering their MPVs through small streets crowded with traffic – and usually built for a previous age of smaller vehicles.

For some families, performance, prestige, luxury and gadgets are all-important. An increasing number of car manufacturers now incorporate in-car entertainment systems as standard to improve those seemingly endless “are we nearly there yet?” journeys.

As for the kids, well such gadgets and getting one up on their peers are perhaps more important considerations for family cars than those of their parents!

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