Thursday June 16th, 2011 15:43 5 Safety Tips for Long Road Trips

1. Pack an emergency roadside kit. No one ever plans for things to go wrong during a long road trip by car; however, things happen. If you’re not planning on using a car shipping service this summer, then plan on packing an emergency kit for your car that contains some of the following items: jumper cables, gas can, car jack, flash light, tire pressure gauge, car manual, garbage bags, matches, can opener, portable first aid kit, water, etc.

2. Take breaks. Even if you think that you’re ok to drive for 12 hours straight, it is recommended that you take a break to get out of the car and stretch your body every 100 miles or so. If you are traveling with children or older adults, you may have no choice in the matter!

3. Consider obtaining a membership with AAA or another similar service. Depending on how often you travel as well as where you travel, having a roadside service such as AAA can be a lifesaver in the event that your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere.To avoid a situation like this, you may want to start investigating the most affordable car shipping prices and simply have your vehicle transported instead :)

4. Get your vehicle inspected. Something as simple as having your vehicle’s oil changed prior to making a trip from New York to Florida can mean the difference between $30-40 versus $300-400. Having your vehicle inspected by a mechanic is the only way to ensure that your car is prepared to handle a long-distance road trip.

5. Plan for the unexpected. Long road trips mean that you will inevitably hit traffic pits at some point. If you are traveling with small children, make sure that you think ahead and bring plenty of activities to keep them busy. It also helps to plot out your trip in advance. Bring a paper map (in addition to GPS devices) and know where all of the safest rest stops, restaurants, hotels and historical sites are along the way. Avoid stopping at places that look questionable, and make sure that you bring your power chord and extra batteries for your cell phone, just in case!

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