Tuesday February 15th, 2011 15:34 Nissan Leaf Arrives in UK

Nissan’s new electric powered car, the Leaf, has been delivered to northeast England. A small number of these environmentally friendly vehicles were delivered via a Japanese car transport ship. The Leaf relies entirely upon electricity to power its motor. Unlike hybrid vehicles, this car does not include an additional petrol reserve tank to create additional power if the battery should fail.

With electricity as the sole energy source, the Leaf can boast that it produces zero emissions as it operates. Some Leaf owners in the United States have managed to use solar powered generators to charge their cars, thereby avoiding the use of any fossil fuels whatsoever. On a full battery, the Leaf can travel an average of 241.401 km.

Wider Release Expected in 2012

This shipment of electric cars is scheduled to go on sale in early March of 2011. The Leaf will be available in limited numbers as Nissan begins to deliver new models throughout Europe and the United States. The slow release allows Nissan to handle any problems that may be discovered during the first year of production.

Limiting the release of the automobile also gives dealerships an opportunity to learn how to perform maintenance and repairs on the cars, which are built using entirely new technology. Nissan expects to increase the availability of the Leaf in 2012.

English Manufacture Begins in 2013

The Sunderland Nissan plant is scheduled to begin production of the Leaf in 2013. Once the plant has been completely converted to manufacture the electric cars, they should become more widely available throughout the United Kingdom.

Nissan dealers will accept orders for the Leaf beginning in March of 2011, but delivery times may be slow in the first year. If British distribution is anything similar to the distribution in the United States so far, orders could take as many as 3 – 5 months to be fulfilled. Delivery rates should accelerate as more Nissan plants begin manufacturing the electric car.

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