Wednesday January 26th, 2011 12:24 Green Hornet’s Feature Car under the Microscope

Green Hornet Chrysler Black Beauty Car

The new movie The Green Hornet features the Chrysler Imperial nicknamed Black Beauty. Originally the writers thought they would be required to find a new car for the movie. When ideas regarding new cars were pitched none of them fit. Seth Rogan, who stars in the film, stated that the original car was cooler.

The director of The Green Hornet Michel Gondry needed convincing to cast the Chrysler Imperial. Dennis McCarthy, who was the car coordinator for the movie, purchased the classic car and altered it. He lowered it and tinted the windows; he then covered the headlights with green and added custom wheels. These adjustments were approved by the director who agreed that Black Beauty should be in the movie.

With the directors approval McCarthy was given the task of locating 28 more Imperials for the movie. Two of the cars were kept in immaculate condition including the inside of the cars. These were not used for stunts and were used for filming scenes between the actors while driving Black Beauty.

The last scene is where the cars sustained the most damage according to McCarthy. The cars were damaged stage by stage and several cars were needed to shoot the scenes correctly. The search for that many classic cars was extensive, and McCarthy travelled from San Diego to Canada to find enough.

Once the creative department had access to the finished product, the stunt team for the movie added the cool effects including machine guns, a flamethrower, and missiles. McCarthy stated that they ended up completely refurbishing 15 separate cars and there may not be enough left for a sequel.

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