Tuesday January 25th, 2011 15:46 There is a New Volvo in Town

Volve C-30

With Volvo recently releasing details of its all-new C-30 Coupe, some may question the state of the previous champion of this class, the Volkswagen Golf. The C-30 is Volvo’s first attempt to dethrone the Golf, the question is are they or will they be successful.

The C-30 is a real technological advancement for Volvo. The C-30 takes after its older brother the C-60. The C-60 was the first of its kind to commercially introduce revolutionary enhancements such as, City Safety. Now on the C-30, these enhancements have become even more refined. Now you might be wondering why with all of the features the C-30 brings to the table, why it doesn’t over reign the Golf? Truthfully, the Volvo C-30 is a healthy competitor, but price and fuel mileage are currently a big factor in making a vehicle decision. The C-30 sports a healthy 29 MPG, and the Golf around 31 MPG, both have a comparable rating however the Golf prevails. Next in the hatchback standoff is the price, the Volvo C-30 around £34,000, the Volkswagen Golf £30,800.

Now £3,000 pounds in a battle where both of the cars are extremely similar can be a big decision maker. Also, the some claim that the Volkswagen brand carries a more reliable name where Volvo is still only beginning in the realm of coupe hatchback vehicles. However, Volvo’s sneak attack of integrated technology could come into play in making a decision.

Even though it is likely both will have a five star safety rating, in the long haul the Volvo C-30 may in fact be a safer car. Only time will tell as Volvo releases the new hatchback. The C-30 scheduled for release in 2012 may or may not be a Volkswagen killer, but in the meantime Volkswagen may catch on to Volvo’s tricks.

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