Friday January 14th, 2011 12:30 The New VW Taxi Concept Car

Volkswagen Taxi Concept Car

There is a new VW taxi car coming to the family of up! concept cars. This VW concept car is based on London taxis and will go into production in the summer of 2011. The car is a noble idea, and is paving the way for compact, efficient models in the taxi business.

This three-seater is built to work in small spaces where traffic is a problem. The car is only 3.73 meters in length, 1.66m in width and 1.6m tall, yet can still fit the driver and two passengers comfortably. You can place luggage in the front where the passenger seat would normally go. It is also electric to be easier on the environment, which is just what taxis need! The 113bhp motor is powered by lithium-ion batteries and can go about 186 miles between charges. The VW taxi car is also pretty speedy, topping out at 74mph.

The VW concept car also has a fun look and feel to it that makes you want to hop in and go for a ride. It is the basic black and has the typical taxi sign on the roof, but has some interesting extras. On the roof are a monochrome Union Jack painted, and a London coat of arms on the doors. When you sit inside you are surrounded by a hi-tech design. The driver’s touch screen computer displays navigation and fare, and the backseat has a display that shows their route and weather conditions.

The VW taxi car is a fun, inventive concept that helps the environment and saves space. Hopefully more taxis take notice and follow their lead. It will be exciting to see the final production car on the market.

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