Thursday January 13th, 2011 13:21 Baby Porsche SUV – The Cajun Arriving in 2015

Porsche, the predominant German sports car manufacturer continues to expand its line-up with models that cross lines between sports and utility. The Cayenne was the first offering from the manufacturer into the area of sports activity vehicles. Keeping with the Porsche credo of building the fastest and do anything models that are available on the market, this SUV scorched the roads and yet provided off road capabilities that rivalled other trail rated models from rival companies.

The baby SUV was recently green lighted for production by management in Stuttgart and its parent company, Volkswagen. This smaller offering will be based on other models already available in the Volkswagen and Audi lineups. The German manufacturer will add its own flair and spice up the vehicle though. Preliminarily named the Cajun, this smaller SUV is different from the other models offered by its parent company. Just as the Cayenne is a radical departure from the Touareg and the Q7 the Cajun must offer more go and more off road-ability than the Q5 and the Tiguan.
Testing is currently going on to establish vehicle dynamics. The timeline for introduction of this baby SUV from Porsche is in early 2015. The company now has over four years to put together an asphalt melting, Rubicon conquering vehicle that will maintain its supremacy in the automotive world.
For many purists the expansion of the lineup to include a second utility vehicle, after the introduction of the first four door sedan, dilutes the true mission of the company. Many, however, say that in order to survive a company has to play in every market, bring on the Cajun.

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