Friday December 24th, 2010 14:26 Snow tyres – Why they are a must

Come winter time roads throughout the world are going to be covered in snow. Many cities and states pay for their roads to be ploughed. However, the amount it would cost to plough the entire state and all of its roads are not only impractical, it’s also very expensive. Paying for the entire state to have snow cleared of its’ roads would be quite the task indeed. This means that you, as the consumer, need to take an active role in protecting you, your car and your passengers during rough weather conditions.

The best, easiest and most inexpensive way to do this is with snow tyres. Snow tyres are able to grip slush, black ice and snow better than regular tires. There are tyres that are known as all-weather tyres. While these tyres are going to be better than the average tyre when it comes to driving in the snow, they simple cannot compete with a real snow tyre when it comes to the grip they can provide.

Often people will think themselves safe just because they drive a bit slower when there is snow on the road. This is a dangerous thought process. There’s an issue that comes with snow and freezing temperatures and that is known as black ice. Black ice is basically when the road freezes over and it’s not visible to the naked eye. The ice looks just like the road beneath it because the ice is clear and you, as a driver on the road, just see the asphalt. Black ice is the most dangerous aspect of driving in the winter. Plus, black ice can hide behind snow. Without snow tyres you may just end up finding yourself in real danger!

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