Friday December 3rd, 2010 17:10 Dunlop Goodyear Reveal UK drivers’ Lack of Winter Tyres Knowlege

Dunlop Goodyear recently surveyed 3,500 drivers across from the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Poland, inquiring into their knowledge about motor vehicle safety, and the findings were surprising. The good news is that fully 82% of those surveyed knew that having tyres in good condition was “very important” for safe driving; but there is a host of factors, like tyre grip and stopping distance, about which respondents had little to no knowledge. Unfortunately, the survey also demonstrated that drivers know little about which type of tyre they should use.

Few people would question that drivers should use winter tyres under snow conditions , but when pressed on the matter, many respondents were either unknowledgeable or insouciant. One in three claimed to change their tyres every year, but more striking is that even among those who know the importance of the type of tyre they should use, one in five admit that weather makes no difference in whether they use snow tyres or not.

UK drivers were not informed about the role of snow tyres in safety. 70% could not distinguish the different types of tyres when quizzed. Additionally, 62% of UK drivers had no idea which type of tyres were currently on their cars. Of all respondents, only 39% were likely to investigate the importance of tyre choice in adverse weather conditions.

Some countries force you to become informed about when to use winter tyres. For example, German law mandates their use when conditions dictate. France and Italy do not, but certain mountainous regions will require them.

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