Thursday November 11th, 2010 13:21 Vauxhaul Announces the Junior

Vauxhall announced the production of their new city car, the Vauxhall Junior. The 3.7 meter long car will be Vauxhall’s entry into the sub-supermini market and attempt to battle the newly announced Volkswagen Up! for top sales in the class.

Higher ups have already signed off on the exterior design of the vehicle and at first glace, it’s easy to see the resemblance to the Traxx concept that was unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Auto Show. The biggest difference between the two is that the concept used sliding doors while the Junior uses conventional doors.

As for the interior, word has come down that it will be completely unique from all current Vauxhall offerings. Supposedly, it will also boast better build quality than any other model. Customer’s will be able to select from a healthy list of trim levels, colors, and high-tech goodies to customize their Vauxhall Junior to fit nearly any taste.

At the beginning of production, power will be supplied by direct injection petrol motors which will be sourced from China’s SAIC. The displacement is to range from 1.0 litre to 1.5 litre, and will post a combined fuel economy up to 80 mpg. It has been said that some motors will also receive a turbocharger. By 2015, we should also see the all electric Vauxhall Junior come into the market.

The official production is slated to begin sometime in 2012 at GM’s plant in Eisenach and prices are expected to start around £11,000.

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Tuesday November 9th, 2010 11:37 SEAT iBe – the concept car with style

SEAT has recently unveiled its latest concept car, the SEAT IBe. Although earlier in the year a prototype was seen at the Geneva Motor Show, a fully functional version of the all-electric 2+2 sport coupe was on display at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

The theme for SEAT’s new concept car is that of an aggressively styled, driver-oriented car that achieves zero tailpipe emissions without sacrificing driving dynamics. The bold, sharp lines of the car’s exterior are credited to Luc Donckerwolke. The chief of SEAT’s design department, Mr. Donckerwolke formerly served as head of design for Lamborghini. In the case of the IBe, the exterior lines unmistakably point up the car’s sporting intentions.

As pleasing as the car is to look at, the IBe holds its own in terms of performance as well. With a total length of just 3.83 meters and tipping the scales at only 1100 kg, the car’s 102 hp electric motor to can bring the IBe from 0 to 62 mph in 9.7 seconds. Early reports on the IBe’s handling have been favorable, with the independent suspension working in synergy with the car’s low center of gravity and wide stance to deliver taut driving dynamics.

The IBE features a front-engine layout with the car’s battery positioned in the rear to achieve the most favorable weight distribution. Speaking of batteries, the IBe has an estimated range of 81 miles on a full charge — sufficient for urban motorists but by no means a boundless grand tourer. In addition to its striking looks and lively performance capabilities, the SEAT IBe is intended to provide a measure of practicality by offering space for 4 adults via its 2+2 seating arrangement. The concept car debuted well ahead of availability on the retail market, which is estimated to begin in 2014.

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Saturday November 6th, 2010 18:21 Toyota Prius Generation X

Happy birthday, Toyota Prius! In honour of the Toyota car’s 10th year in the making, the company has introduced the Toyota Prius Special Edition, a suped up car with plenty of features for appeal and bling. The Toyota Prius Generation X is made for UK car enthusiasts, featuring blacked-out windows and a body kit with plenty of pizzaz.

The Toyota Prius Generation X is known for its economical values. The Generation X keeps up with the tradition of electric cars being set forth by the Toyota Prius, with a touch of edginess appealing to the modern generation of car owners. Toyota has made the Generation X available in two colours – pearl white and astral black. The car is equipped with 17″ alloy wheels, front, rear, and side skirts, and smoked privacy glass.

It does not stop there! The Generation X Prius is equipped with all of the economical features you have come to know and love. The car can receive up to 70.2 mpg highway mileage, with a CO2 emissions at just 92g. Toyota always offers more bang for the buck!

The Prius also offers consumers BlueTooth connectivity, rear parking monitors, cruise control, park assist, and head-up display. Generation X is a site for sore eyes, without losing the accessories and features you want and need in an automobile.

The 10th anniversary car will be released in the winter of 2010, with a price tag slightly more than that of the orginal version. Only 1,000 units of the car will be made available, with a price tag of around £26,150.

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Tuesday November 2nd, 2010 11:01 The new Audi TT RS has finally arrived

The new Audi TT RS DTM has the looks to kill with its five-cylinder TFSI engine, coupled with a aerodynamic racing body,and suspension giving it a head start at the finish line. This monster of a machine packs a punch taking on some of the Audi R8 LMS features, making the TT RS DTM one hot item. Intimidation, I think was the key factor when coming up with this concept racer. Audi set the model for all racing cars to follow in its foot steps when designing the TT RS DTM. Everything was thought of, to make this car out preform the rest in a bold, but luring way. You just want to sit behind the wheel, turn the key, and hear the 340bhp come to life.

For all the gear heads out there. This is one car you hope pass the test, against the SP 4T Class, in the last two rounds of the Nurburgring endurance championship, to see if you can get this souped up racer for your own to drive down the road. To watch the heads turn as you pull up to the stop light. Looking over at the person next to you, giving them a little half smile, as you step on the gas leaving them with a dumb founded look on their face. As you burn rubber leaving them with the smell to remember you by. As far as racing cars go this prototype does not look like the last you will see of this well built dream.

Car lovers every where will be keeping their eyes peeled, and wallets open to get one of the TT RS DTM’s right off the assembly line. The car manufacturers, designers, and the whole team out done themselves with this rebel with wheels, and its trademark style.

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