Tuesday November 30th, 2010 11:20 Vauxhall’s Snow Socks

Vauxhall Snow socks

In December, 2009, and January, 2010, British Insurers paid out almost 400 million pounds in damages, most of it caused by ice and snow- related accidents. Now, there is a new car accessory on the market to help bring those claims down.

The product is Vauxhall snow socks. What a clever idea. This is a cloth cover to help winterize your tyres. The snow sock is not as unwieldy as snow chains and is more effective for driving in winter weather than snow tyres.

Vauxhall snow socks are made of a fabric with a design that runs against the direction the vehicle is travelling in, giving the tyres a better grip in ice and snow. Unlike snow tyres, they are very portable, and are easily attached. This makes them a convenient item to have when winter weather catches the driver unprepared.

These snow socks are almost a one-size-fits-all product. They will adapt to any model of car, and if used and stored according to instructions, will last for years.

Vauxhall snow socks could not have entered the market at a better time. The snow has already started falling, but thanks to this ingenious invention, insurers are hopeful that claims for accidents will be lower this winter than the 269,000 plus claims paid out last year.

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